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  • Always note that if anyone demands an original invoice for services, we will add 18% GST to the overall bill.
  • Domain registration, SEO, SMO, hosting, and any other resources not listed in the website proposal.
  • Any client can't leave Wrappix media without paying for any associated IT services. Wrappix media is not liable in any other case.
  • Before beginning work on a website, programme, application, SEO, or SMO, half payment is needed.
  • After several reminders, if you do not take steps to renew any IT programmes, Wrappix Media will not be held liable.
  • Wrappix media will only have 15 days extra for full payment after the website design phase is finished, according to the agreement email.
  • We cannot be held accountable for your website database or advance payment despite providing an additional 15 days.
  • After the design phase is completed, no client can refuse to pay in full.
  • If a customer pays in full at one point, Wrappix Media will give them an 8% discount on their overall bill ( Website charge limit - 12000 & above ) 
  • Wrappix media is not responsible for images or content (if you do not provide any images or content) while delivering any IT Designing related services to you.
  • We cannot begin any work without having your email agreement approval.
  • We cannot apply the website database or any IT Services component without full payment, under any circumstances.
  • Wrappix media will not be held liable for your Whatapp content, photos, or on-the-spot material, so please submit all official information via email.
  • Wrappix Media would not be held liable for any of the official Website Admin, Domain Details, or Hosting Details usernames and passwords. As a result, please keep your personal information private.
  • After one year from the date of the agreement, Wrappix Media will charge you for hosting and email. ( This is not a free service )
  • Always bear in mind that the Overall Service Fee for the Arrangement will always be shown as an Except Tax charge.
  • Wrappix provides you with an email address per the contract, but we are not responsible for the protection of your webmail account or database. You can keep your password and webmail settings in your Outlook account secure.

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